So if,

  • You’ve started your coaching business but clients are not coming fast enough...
  • You’re ready to do live workshops or masterclasses but not sure how to sell on camera, or how to go about organizing it on the back end...
  • You don't have thousands and thousands of thousands of followers, subscribers on your email list or money to invest on ads...
  • You’re not getting the support you need with other courses, coaches, and masterminds....

I created for you the 


Because I was where you are now,

a couple years ago...

I had started my coaching business after years helping coaches in my Marketing Agency, and I was doing everything right: posting consistently on all kinds of platforms, going live, sharing my lead magnets, networking like a mad woman online and offline, but clients were only scarcely coming in.


So I had to get help to find out what was really working!

The thing is Marketing was changing at fios speed, and all my tactics were becoming obsolete real fast.

When I found the LIVE WORKSHOP strategy model, everything changed for me. I set out to learn from the best marketers out there who were really implementing this strategy, and I put together the best ones that I was able to repeatedly use with success for the last 14 months.

So, I've created the best, simplest and most effective LIVE WEBINAR class to help you








Simone is an absolute expert. She makes the seemingly overwhelming practical and easy. My online business increased because of what she taught me. I highly recommend Simone to anyone who is looking to grow their business. 

- Wanda Allen

Simone is extremely knowledgeable in her field and does a great job, not only educating her clients, but providing clear and detailed action items to help move you forward. Simone is very professional, helpful, and pleasant. Highly recommend!! 

- Nicole Douglas

Every week you'll watch one lesson that will guide you through exactly what to do. Each lesson has bite-size information and baby-step by baby-step actionable to-dos, and some even have tutorials, with all my hacks to make the technology easy for you

To help you through each lesson, I included worksheets and guides that are designed for immediate implementation, created in simple language – no tech jargon here. I also share templates, swipe copy, and other time-saving resources and some of my own material that you can get inspired by and model.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to expert advice! The biggest reason people don’t finish a program like this, or are not able to implement the lessons, is that they don’t have the right feedback and frequent accountability. You get to talk to me privately inside a VOXER container, get your questions answered and check-in with your progress daily, so you keep moving forward! 

All the copy from your presentation and your pitch can be reviewed, and I'll give you feedback on what can be improved. With this session, I combine my early years as a copy editor and my marketer expertise, to save you time and money, and make sure you have the best material to share with your audience.

Here's what's not inside:

  • I will not overwhelm you with hundreds of video-trainings on all sorts of things that don't matter.
  • Or waste hours of your valuable time with tons of theory.

Instead, I am serving up the exact steps you need to take (and exactly how to do them).


Plus, I’m including

private access

to me

every day,

for me to review your progress, and make sure you're on track to reach your goals.


I love her classes. I love hearing all the tips and tricks you don’t really find if you go online and look for tutorials. The information is not only interactive but very easy to understand, and she makes sure not to move too fast. I appreciate Simone’s heart and passion, she really loves what she does.

- Nicole Aspenson

I like that the structure lets me know exactly what steps need to be done in order to get the results you want. Nothing is hidden, you lay it all out there!

- Sandra Paul


Is Designed To Hold Your Hand

(Virtually), Through The Process Of Generating Leads through

creating one live Webinar a month,

while Impacting more People and Generating more Income!

Everything You Need, From Beginning To End, Is Inside This Program - No Missing Pieces.

Just Like That…..



Waits For You!


Well, let me introduce myself!

My name is Simone Talarico Ross, and I'm a former Journalist turned Digital Marketer and Educator, and I help coaches attract their ideal clients through live webinars.


I’m the Founder and Owner of S&CO Academy, a platform where coaches and consultants can find resources to learn how to create a profitable business with digital strategies and scale it, so they can make more impact and income, at the same time.


For years, I've been known to Demystify Marketing and Simplify Business.

As a former Journalist, and Marketing Agency owner, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build their presence online, create effective strategies to attract their ideal clients and expand their business, while enjoying life.

My students come to me typically overwhelmed from courses, webinars and workshops they’ve attended, which motivated them, but didn’t gave them the strategy on where to focus on. They don’t know where to start, and they are tired of technology.

I always tell my students that nothing is super easy, but we can make it simple enough that anybody, without any technology knowledge, can do it: 



is perfect for you if...

  • You’re ready and willing to confidently market your coaching business with the power of LIVE VIRTUAL EVENTS. 
  • You want a clear and proven STEP-BY-STEP plan to claim your expert status.
  • You want to leverage your time and efforts, and have the freedom to spend time on what matters most.
  • You are ready to face the inner transformation that has to happen in order for you to become the LEADER your business needs you to be.

👉🏼This program is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix and are unwilling to do the work or make excuses for your lack of results.  


Every minute you waste not being clear on how to take effective action is costing you time, energy, potential profits and success! It is possible to work hard with EASE, I can show you how to!  


QUESTION #1: "How long is the whole program?"

The WEBINAR TO PROFIT is a 6-month long program, a total of 24 weeks.

QUESTION #2: "How much time will this take in my week?"

It will all depend on the stage you're on your live virtual event journey and on your speed. Every video is about 45 minutes long each, and then you need to implement what you've learned from it. You can expect to commit about 4-5 hours on average each week going through the entire homework, both to review my training and get your assignments done. 

Obviously, more experienced entrepreneurs may take fewer hours, and newbies make take a little longer.  

QUESTION #3: "What stage of business should I be in?" 

I’ve helped my clients through the processes in this program create their webinar, host it and onboard clients, who have been in business for no time at all. Literally they've just started their business.  

And I've also helped other entrepreneurs who have been in business for 25 years, and simply had started their online marketing journey recently, but still didn’t have a lead generation strategy.

It's not about the stage of business and it doesn't matter how long you've been in business, you have to be open to do what I’ll show you how to do, and to take imperfect action.


QUESTION #3.1: I haven't actually started my business yet... is it too early for me to join?

In that case, I’d suggest you take a look at my other program, the DIGITAL MARKETING ACADEMY (DMA). The action steps I'll guide you through inside the DMA are fantastic for getting a business off the ground and creating brand awareness, so you'll be fine as long as you have a business, or are planning to start one soon. Let me know, and I'll send you the link for more information


QUESTION #4: "How quickly will I see a return on my investment?"  

I know that if you apply what you learn in this program, you will earn back at least 10X what you've invested during this next year.  

The only reason I cannot guarantee results is because it's up to you to implement what you learn. With that said, I am dedicated to working closely with you to turn you into my next success story.  

👉🏼 Also, this all depends on how well you know your market and if you've got a service they really, really want. 

Regardless of your results, I cover all the steps you should take next, in order to rinse and repeat and improve.  

In saying that, I can tell you that, in the first month of the WEBINAR TO PROFIT program, most of my clients are already able to generate an average of 40 warm leads organically with the first strategies they learn. It can do the same for you. All you have to do is show up, follow the lessons, be coachable and apply them to your business. The real question is, how committed are you to your own growth, business development, and most importantly, transformation?

QUESTION #5: "What tools do I need?"  

You and I will walk through all of that in more detail each week, and I won't overwhelm you.  

For those further along, I share what tools can be used right away, and for those just starting out, I remove technology as a barrier and share with you how simple this can be done, with step by step guides and tutorials that you just follow and get things done.  

QUESTION #6: “What’s your Refund Policy and Guarantee Policy?”  

I am 100% committed to supporting you in increasing your warm lead generation and finally making client conversion simple and consistent.  

That being said...  

This is a refund-free zone. Partially because I know that I show up 200% fully and give a million times more value, availability, and support than any other coach out there (trust me, I've invested A LOT in coaching and still do).  

And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. You must do the work!  

Put in the effort, follow through with the system I teach you, and we will create success together. But, since I can't control if you will do the work and take action, I can't make you any promises or guarantees.

QUESTION #7: "I haven’t done any webinars or workshops live yet, can I still enroll in the WEBINAR TO PROFIT program?”

Absolutely! Live virtual events, wether webinars, workshops, masterclasses or challenges, are the best promotion tool you can use in this era, after the Pandemic changed the digital world. And I’ll give you the set-by-step on how to do it: how to get ready before (with all the backend preparing stage), during (how to present, and how to sell on camera) and after (how to follow up and convert). If you haven’t done any live virtual event to convert clients yet, I’ll show you the step by step on how to do that, no problem. All you need is be willing to be bad before you get good at it! And I’ll be by your side, every step of the way!